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We hope you are all well and having
a great festival and holiday season.
Hideaway will be back in 2017
at a new and exciting venue!

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Festival rules

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Festival rules

We want to run a happy, safe event that everyone can enjoy so we do have to ask all visitors, traders, and service providers to consider our simple festival rules.

Please read these rules and adhere to them

NO LITTER! – Bins will be provided. Please put your rubbish in them.

STRICTLY NO DOGS ALLOWED ANYWHERE AT THE EVENT (except guide dogs) – we care about animals but unfortunately a music festival is not a dog friendly environment so please do not bring dogs or other animals to the festival site.

VEHICLES – Park in designated car parks please.

THE PARK – This is an animal sanctuary. The animals may look “cute” but some can be dangerous. Please don’t feed them - we do that. Please do not throw anything over the fences.

NO GLASS! – You are on grazing land - glass breaks and can cause injuries to people as well as animals.

NO ALCOHOL – to be brought in to the Music Arena as there is plenty here for sale.

PLEASE listen to our Marshals and our Gurkha Security personnel. These people have your safety in mind so please respect their advice and instructions.

PLEASE consider your neighbours when camping i.e. don’t encroach on their space, look after your children and help everyone enjoy the serenity of our camping environment.

REMEMBER please that this is farmland and the fields/paths are uneven and stony. Please take care and watch where you are putting your feet.

PLEASE DO NOT bring any of the following - Guns, Knives, Fireworks, any type of weapon we haven’t thought of or any DRUGS for which you have no prescription.

Camping Rules

For the safety of all concerned, please read and adhere to the following “rules”.

ARRIVAL – campers may arrive after 3.00pm on Friday and 11.00am Saturday. No new campers will be allowed after 9pm on Saturday.

DEPARTURE - Please leave the campsite by 7:00 pm on Sunday. Please take all your Camping Equipment and Rubbish with you or dispose of it in the bins provided.

WRISTBANDS – Camping Tickets will be exchanged for the relevant day/weekend Camping wristbands, which you will need to wear at all times to access the campsite.

ON ARRIVAL – Festival-goers with valid Camping wristbands will be welcome to park their vehicles next to their tents.

FACILITIES – We provide toilets and showers at the campsite. There will be security lighting from dusk to dawn. Fresh potable water is available via a standpipe.

PERMITTED VEHICLES – Due to the restricted space we are allowing only cars, campervans and caravans.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS – We will have fire extinguishers on site but no open fires are allowed.

SECURITY – Our security company of Gurkhas are there to protect everyone. Please follow their instructions respectfully.

No fires, BBQ’s or gas stoves of any description.



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